Wheelchair Service

How to Contact Us

Address:  Lifehouse, Summers Road, Brunswick Business Park, Liverpool L3 4BL

Telephone:  0151 296 7770

Fax:              0151 296 7764

Email:           liverpoolwheelchairservice@liverpoolch.nhs.uk

Opening Hours:

 8.30am - 4.30pm  Monday - Friday

What we do

The Liverpool Wheelchair Service is based at Lifehouse.

In Lifehouse we have two spacious clinic rooms; we have the facilities to carry out seating clinics.  The clinics have height adjustable plinths, a mobile hoist, a ceiling hoist, and other manual handling equipment.

We also have warehouse space, which means we can stock a larger variety of wheelchairs, accessories and cushions to enable us to carry out a far more comprehensive assessment.  We are also able to stock standard chairs which means we can issue a wheelchair to a service user following their assessment at clinic and they can take the chair home with them.  We also visit service users at home if they cannot attend a clinic.

We have a pressure mapping system which we can use to accurately assess service users for suitable pressure relieving cushions which will increase client's independence and reduce hospital admissions, and the visual feedback has been beneficial to service users.

This has been a positive move for the Wheelchair Service and we will continue to improve and the develop the service.

Wheelchair Repairs - For Your Repairs Contact 0151 282 5175

Liverpool Community Equipment Service will be providing an in-house repair service.  There will be a dedicated phone line 0151 282 5175, and you will be re-directed to our contracted repairs Rosscare.

Key benefits:

Single point of contact for repairs

Greater investment into Wheelchair Service

Improve quality of NHS care

Greater access to the repair service

More responsive service

Seamless service 'right time, right place'

How to access our services

 How do you access Liverpool Wheelchair Service?

 Anyone with the patientís consent can refer to Liverpool Wheelchair Service. This is   done by completing the referral form and returning to the service by post, fax or email (details on the referral form).


Unfortunately we no longer accept referrals by telephone. This is to ensure that we receive all the required information to be able to process your referral appropriately.


word.gif  Wheelchair Service Referral Form

word.gif Wheelchair Service Referral Form Guidance


What will happen next?


If the referral form is fully completed, this will be screened and you will be placed on the most appropriate waiting list. You should receive a letter when you have been placed on the waiting list for your information. We will contact you once an appointment is available however should your situation change, please contact the service on 0151 296 7770 to provide any additional supporting information which may be relevant to your application for a wheelchair.


If the referral form is incomplete with missing information, this will be rejected by Liverpool Wheelchair Service and returned to the referrer for all the required information.