Are you stuck for ideas on what equipment will help your client?

Do you need help accessing special equipment?

Do you need help to decide if the mattress and bed currently in use are suitable for your client?

If the answer is YES….We are the service for you.


The Community Equipment Nurse Specialist (CENS) Service can provide you with:

 CENS Referral Form


If you need any of the above or any other equipment or Equipment Service based query please contact us via the following methods;

For all referrals or equipment advice please;

(Emails from any organisation outside of LCH will need to be encrypted – please contact your own organisations governance team to arrange this.) 


Fax: 0151 296 7764

For case specific queries or any other personal emails, please contact the appropriate CENS direct.

Joe Nightingale 
07717717571 – Urgent calls only

Telephone – 0151 296 296 7736
Switchboard – 0151 296 7733
Fax – 0151 296 7764

For any postal referrals, please send to:

Community Equipment Nurse Specialist Service
Brunswick Dock
Summers Road
L3 4BL